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Why Barefoot Shoes?

Why Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes are very different from traditional shoes. They come with wide toes for better balance, flexible and minimal sole for better feedback, and flat for natural movements.


Flat – The shoes must be flat and have equal thickness from heel to toe.

If you step on the floor with no shoes, you will notice that the angle of your ankle is 90 degrees. If you put heeled shoes on, you will notice that the body leans back to keep straight and this will change the angle of your ankle. To stay as close as possible to the natural body posture, it is best to choose completely flat (no heels) shoes.


Wide – Allow toes to move freely

The design of minimalist shoes follows the natural form of your foot and toes. Standard shoes are with narrow toes which restricts the movement of your toes.

Wide toes help walking naturally with greater balance. Toes can spread for a better grip as well as provides the necessary space required for natural feet development with no restrictions and deformities.


Flexible – Offer a simple protective barrier between the ground and the foot

Barefoot shoes are not cushioned and allow movements close to natural barefoot walking. Barefoot soles are extremely flexible and thin (max 6mm) supporting the body’s natural feedback system. Biomechanist Katy Bowman also explains that nerves in the feet are designed to sense temperature and terrain. This feedback helps us develop a proper gait and stabilization.

Due to minimum support in barefoot soles, feet muscles can develop properly in early stage of feet development as well as strengthen in later stages.


Happy Feet

Nothing makes you so happy than feeling free and close to nature. Nowadays, doctors can even prescribe nature. Don’t want and enjoy the freedom and happiness of wearing barefoot shoes. Feel the freedom to explore new destinations and take on new adventures.