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Zeazoo Nemo Vanilla (EU16-17 | UK1 – EU24 | UK 6.5)

First shoes / sandals >> Goby are ideal for toddlers taking their first steps | Soft Genuine Leather | Vibram® Superflex sole | Secure Velcro® Strap Fastening

Not sure what size? Print out the paper gauge HERE
Don’t have a printer at home? Check our size guide for instructions how to measure the feet without a printer
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Zeazoo barefoot sandals support the natural feet development because of their ultra flex Vibram® sole and large toe space. The large toe space helps the toes to spread naturally and achieve better balance. This makes it suitable for toddlers taking their first steps.
Because of the Vibram® Superflex sole, it provides barefoot ground connection and feedback. This sandal is suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities.
Our super soft leather  is gentle on the young feet. Most importantly, it is free from formaldehyde and azo dyes. Leather linings are also chrome free.
Outside: Natural leather – free of formaldehyde and azo dyes.
Lining: Natural leather – free of chrome, formaldehyde and azo dyes.
Sole: 4 mm light flat Vibram® Superflex. 
Size Guide|FAQs|Our Materials
Size Chart
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Not sure what size? Print out the paper gauge HERE
Don't have a printer at home? Check our size guide for instructions how to measure the feet without a printer
Feet LengthUsable Inner LengthMax Circum-ferenceShoe Width (Toes)Outer Sole LengthEUUK
9.3 - 10.210.714.25.511.616-171
10.3 - 11.211.714.75.712.6182
11.3 - 12.212.7156.013.619-203.5
12.3 - 13.213.715.26.214.6214.5
13.3 - 14.214.715.76.415.622-235.5
14.3 - 15.215.716.26.616.6246.5
Measurements are provided in centimetres
Size Guide

General Advice

On each product page under the product description, there is a size chart for each model.

Once you select your favourite model, measure the feet as described in the instructions below. The feet length is recommended to be within the range defined for the corresponding size on the product page. The “Max circumference (toes)” should be no more than the value specified in the size chart for the corresponding model and size.

Max circumference for regular fit is displayed on the size chart. For models where you can specify the fit (wide, regular, narrow), please have in mind that NARROW fit is “-5 mm” and WIDE fit is “+5 mm” compared to the regular fit. Soles are the same for all fits. However, more/less tow room is provided based on the leather cut.

How to measure the feet?

Take exact measurements with a slightly tightened sewing tape measure. Give us precise measures – do not round up or down, nor give us approximations and ranges because even a difference of 5 mm could be crucial to the proper fit of the shoe on the foot. If the feet of the child are more specific (wide/narrow, high/low, etc.), give us detailed information so we can advise you better.

Take a soft tape measure or a thread.

Kids foot length (1): Put your kid’s feet against the wall. The feet must be in a line, the heels should touch the wall. Mark off the tips of the two longest toes with a book.

How To Measure The Feet

The foot length is equal to the distance between the point where the tip of the longest toe touches the book to the point where the tip of the heel touches the wall – a diagonal and not a perpendicular.

Toddlers’ foot length: It will be easiest to take this measure while the baby is sleeping. Use a lid from a cardboard box and place the heel against one of the folds. Mark off the tip of the longest toe on the lid, then measure the distance between this point and the point where the tip of the heel touches the fold and add about 5-7 mm, thus you will have the actual foot length.

Circumference toes (2): This measure must be taken by overlapping soft measuring tape or a piece of thread around the widest part of the toes (the “ball” – just behind the base of the toes). This measure must be lower than the maximum circumference written in each product size table for the size you choose.

Circumference arch-midfoot (3): This measure is usually 5-10 mm longer than the measurement of circumference toes. In case it is significantly more than 10 mm, contact us.

Circumference heel-ankle (4): This measure is important in all models with strap closure in front of the ankle. We can customize the length of the strap in case you generally know that you face problems with longer or shorter straps in most shoes.

Measuring Tips

1) If you wonder between two sizes, choose the larger one – it will fit well soon :).

2) Measure both feet. If one is longer, use the measurement of the longer one.

3) If you do not have a soft tape, use a thread and then measure its length with a ruler.

4) If your baby’s feet are specific in some other areas (ankle, arch, etc.), send us the additional measurements (as in shown in 3 and 4 on the foot diagram) and information in order to determine whether our model will fit well and if we need to make a customization. Please note that there is an extra charge to all customisations.


What are barefoot shoes?

It is a common misconception that barefoot shoes are the ones you wear without socks. That’s not quite true. Barefoot shoes are minimalist versions of conventional shoes. They come with a flexible and thin sole for excellent feedback; wide box toe shape for natural shape; and are completely leveled for natural posture. Explore the world, enjoy the freedom.

Are all 100 Barefoot Sole shoes barefoot?

Yes, all shoes on our site are powered by Zeazoo, including boots, sandals, and slippers, are barefoot shoes which are designed for maximum barefoot feel and experience.

What material are the shoes made of?

All 100 Barefoot Soles products powered by Zeazoo are made of natural materials – genuine leather and woollen fabrics. All materials (rubber and glue inclusive) are produced in the European Union and meet the EU requirements and standards.

What type of leather is used?

All 100 Barefoot Soles products powered by Zeazoo are made of genuine leather. During tanning, NO formaldehyde, azo dyes, chromium VI, nickel and other metals and ingredients are used

Our leather is either chromium tanned or vegetable tanned, sourced from Ecopell.

Ecopell leather is tanned with plant-derived substances which makes it an excellent choice for people who are after the natural, eco-friendly and allergy-free materials.

Where are the shoes manufactured?

All shoes are manufactured in Europe, in Zeazoo’s factory in Bulgaria.

Do you have vegan shoes?

We currently do not offer vegan shoes.

How to keep the shoes clean?

You can use leather care products to keep the shoes clean and in a good condition.

Our Materials

The sole

To achieve the most barefoot feeling, we chose Vibram® Superflex soles in 4mm and 6mm for our sandals and shoes.

The leather

1) Natural Italian, Spanish and Dutch leather – chromium tanning (processing) used; NO formaldehyde, azo dyes, chromium VI, nickel and other metals and ingredients, which are forbidden from the European Union, because they are toxic in given quantities. All  materials meet and comply with all applicable REACH requirements.

2) Natural vegetable tanned  (processed) leather from Ecopell – plant-derived substances are used for this material’s tanning. The fact that no chemicals are used in its processing makes it very appropriate for small kids and people with allergies. It is the best choice for everyone who aims at using the most natural, eco-friendly and allergy-free materials. Not colored is leather in the natural colors – white, off-white and ecru. These tones are derived from the vegetable tanning agents used and their inherent color. 
The processing of the vegetable tanned leather is very time consuming, vegetable tanning agents are still in the state of research and development. These tanning substances offer many advantages but for the time being their cost remains considerably high. This is why this leather is more expensive than the chemically tanned leather. 

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