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Our Materials

The sole

To achieve the most barefoot feeling, we chose Vibram® Superflex soles in 4mm and 6mm for our sandals and shoes.

The leather

1) Natural Italian, Spanish and Dutch leather – chromium tanning (processing) used; NO formaldehyde, azo dyes, chromium VI, nickel and other metals and ingredients, which are forbidden from the European Union, because they are toxic in given quantities. All  materials meet and comply with all applicable REACH requirements.

2) Natural vegetable tanned  (processed) leather from Ecopell – plant-derived substances are used for this material’s tanning. The fact that no chemicals are used in its processing makes it very appropriate for small kids and people with allergies. It is the best choice for everyone who aims at using the most natural, eco-friendly and allergy-free materials. Not colored is leather in the natural colors – white, off-white and ecru. These tones are derived from the vegetable tanning agents used and their inherent color. 
The processing of the vegetable tanned leather is very time consuming, vegetable tanning agents are still in the state of research and development. These tanning substances offer many advantages but for the time being their cost remains considerably high. This is why this leather is more expensive than the chemically tanned leather.