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Gift Cards


Barefoot shoes give the freedom of natural movement. Buy a Gift Card and give someone you love the gift of freedom.
Gift Cards
Gift Cards are electronic cards preloaded with a certain amount of money and you can use them towards purchasing any item in the 100 Barefoot Soles store.  We deliver Gift Cards to recipients by email.
Gift & Win
When you buy a Gift Card for more than £50, you get up to £10 bonus. You can use your bonus as cash towards the purchase of any item in the store. Your bonus will be available to you in the form of a Gift Card in your account and you can spend it on your next purchase.
Buy gift card of this value…
To win a bonus of…
£50 – £100
£100 – £150
Give the gift of free movement
Check Gift Card Balance
Buying and sending a Gift Card

You buy a Gift Card like you’d buy any other product on the 100 Barefoot Soles store.  The Gift Card value can any amount you choose be between £5 and £150.

We can send the Gift Card upon check-out or on a specific date in the future that you specify (works great for special occasions!). The Gift Card will be delivered to the recipient via email. You will receive a copy of the email.
You can buy a Gift Card here. A detailed description of how you buy a Gift Card follows
  • Gift Card Amount: Choose the value of the Gift Card by selecting any of the preset values, for example £10, £20 and so on. If you want to set a specific  amount that’s not on the menu, choose Other Amount and then specify the amount you prefer, for example £69.95
  • To: enter the recipient’s email address. If you enter multiple email addresses, multiple Gift Cards will be sent out – one for each email address. You will be charged for each Gift Card created.
  • Recipient: optionally, add the recipient’s name. This will show in the email they will receive.
  • From: enter your name.
  • Message: type the message you’d like the recipient to read from you in the email with the Gift Card
  • Delivery date: If you’d like to send the Gift Card immediately upon check-out, then leave the default option Now. If you’d like us to send the gift card on a future date, such as a birthday, click in the field and select a date.
  • Payment methods: at check out, you can pay using PayPal, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Klarna.
Using your Gift Card

Once you have received the email notification with your Gift Card, there are 2 ways to redeem the card:

  1. Click the Redeem button in the email. This will lead you to the 100barefootsoles.com store where you can browse and shop while your card stays preloaded in your cart for you and ready to go. When you buy an item, the Gift Card will be automatically applied at check-out.
  2. Enter the Gift Card number in the Apply Gift Card field when you check out your items in the 100BarefootSoles.com store.
If you choose an item whose price is less than the Gift Card’s value, you can use the remaining balance for another purchase at a  later date but before the expiration date. You can check the Gift Card balance here – just enter the card number in the Check Gift Card Balance field.
Gift Cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Cancellations and Refunds

Once a Gift Card has been purchased we are unable to refund you or cancel the order.

Give the gift of free movement
Check Gift Card Balance