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About 100 Barefoot Soles

Who We Are

When I was a little girl, my mum always told me: “It is good for you to buy clothes and shoes made of natural materials. Shoes need to be with a flexible sole and when you fold them – the heels must touch the toes. Otherwise, they are not good for your feet”.

After I became a mum myself, I have always tried to buy shoes which are comfortable and will support my daughter’s feet natural development. Still most of them did not have flexible enough sole or a foot shape design. Once I discovered Zeazoo barefoot shoes, I felt in love with them. They are made of super soft breathable leather which even my daughter can wear without socks. The soles are so flexible providing great ground feedback and supporting feet muscle development. At the same time, there are extremely light, too. The first time my daughter put them on, she told me she felt like having no shoes and she loves running barefoot. At that moment, I felt a proud mum and realised that I found the best shoes for my daughter.

With support from my husband, we started 100 Barefoot Soles to help more children run freely all day long, help commuters to come home after a long day with less tired feet, and for the whole family to enjoy amazing city breaks together exploring new places all day long. Wherever you go, enjoy the joy of natural movement in 100 Barefoot Soles shoes.